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It Turns Out Claw Machines Aren’t as Unfair as We Think

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  • 2016

You see the machines everywhere. And just as common as the machines themselves is the frustrated public who put in their money, only to curse the weak grasp of these infernal money sinks. Despite what you may have thought, these machines are entirely winnable, and regularly, if you know what you’re doing. A Chinese man, by the name of Chen Zhitong, is an expert in the operation of these game machines, and owners of the machines are sick of it.

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He started only halfway through last year, out of mere boredom and a passing interest. What he didn’t count on was quickly becoming an expert. Since July of 2015, he has won over 3000 of these stuffed toy prizes. He has so many that they form a furry blockade in most rooms of his house.

Zhitong is so successful that his playing often draws a crowd, and sometimes parts of that crowd are the owners of the machines, who have even gone so far as to invite him out to dinner to attempt to convince him to leave their machines alone. So far, Zhitong remains unmoved by their plight.
shutterstock_337375265Photo Credit: Sean Pavone

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