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Japan Has a Day for Cats

  • 29
  • 03
  • 2016

22 February is the day when the Japanese celebrate a Cat Day. The tradition started almost 30 years ago, when the Executive Cat Day Committee asked the cat owners all across the Japan to choose a date for the celebration. They decided that the sound made by the cats “nyan nyan nyan”, sounded very close to 2/22 or “ni ni ni” and so it was settled.

There are cat days celebrated in several other countries, but the enthusiasm shown by the Japanese cat lovers is compared to none. They play tricks with their cats, dress up as cats and make Sushi that look like cats. All of this is later shared on the Internet and discussed among the friends. Japan also has several celebrity cats that are extremely popular on the day. Few of them are even considered a tourist attraction.

The day is a huge commercial success all across the country. The bakeries make special cat-themed pastry, clothing shops sell products with cat pictures on them and restaurants make dishes that look like cat food. Furthermore, there are the so called cat cafes in Japan that allow any visitor to spend as much time as they like among numerous animals.



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