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Japan is Home to the Cutest and Wackiest Toys – International Tokyo Toy Show 2016

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Have you ever wanted to jump in a submarine and spy on your goldfish? Have you ever wanted to create music with cats instead of an instrument? Have you ever wanted to know what it would be like to conduct a miniature toy train? Well, once again, Japan is providing the answers to all your weirdest thoughts and dreams.

The International Tokyo Toy Show has been running since 1962 and goes by the motto “EnterTOYment – Toys make the world smile.” A pretty catchy and understandable phrase.


In Japan, toys are no longer marketed only toward children. Instead, it’s now big children, or adults, that are the intended buyers. Aside from finding cameras mounted on most things such as drones, trains, submarines, and probably even animals, dolls for grown-ups are widely popular.

epaselect epa05352512 A campaign model demonstrates crazy eyes glasses during the International Tokyo Toy Show 2016 in Tokyo, Japan, 09 June 2016. The trade show opens to the general public on 11 and 12 June. EPA/CHRISTOPHER JUE

An adult version of Japan’s Barbie, dressed in professional and sophisticated clothing, sold out during last year’s toy show for the price of $100.

Meet some of the best picks at the 2016 Tokyo Toy Show:

The Baku Shotaro is a laughter robot and an alarm clock which wakes your whole family up with its high pitched and annoying laughter. It even has a dedicated radio show, announcing laughter and a mix of its 1000 small phrases.


The very affordable Virtual Reality headset which transports you to a distant planet or makes you fly through space is, of course, for educational purposes only.

The submarine drone is able to navigate through small bodies of water, like your fish tank or pool.


Users described the set of small musical cats that emit notes when touched as a keyboard with cats. A spokesman for the company behind the cats said, “When you press the back of these cats, they meow in a scale, so you can play music with them.”


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