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Moon landing

Japan Plans an Unmanned Landing On The Moon for 2019

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  • 2016

In November of last year, Japan announced it plans to become the fourth country in completing an unmanned trajectory to the moon. As of this year, 2016, the development of the lander has commenced in order to meet the deadline established for 2019.

Moon landing

Even though the world is focused on Mars, Japan is concentrating in executing this moon mission dangerously close to perfection.

This seemingly small jump for Japan has much greater goals than just landing an unmanned vessel on the moon. The technology used to complete the mission will be much more advanced than the equipment of any of the three previous countries who have accomplished this venture – Russia, the United States, and China.


Facial recognition is one of the top of the line features the vessel will use to accomplish a landing no more than 100 meters away from its target, a strict goal much more ambitious than its successors. If achieved, Japan hopes to strengthen their worldwide position in space exploration.

With a much better reputation, the country expects to have open doors and join other countries in their efforts of space exploration.

It might be 60 years since the first unmanned landing on the moon accomplished by the former Soviet Union, but this landing may clear a path to a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities for Japan faster than any other country in future space missions.

Official Astronaut Portrait of Naoko Yamazaki (JAXA) in ACES suit photo.  Photo Date: November 2, 2009.  Location: Building 8, Room 272 - Photo Studio.  Photographer: Robert Markowitz.

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