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Japan Turns Mailboxes into Fun Tourist Attractions

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  • 2016

When a mailbox makes you turn your head while walking or driving by, you know creativity is dripping out of the head of whosever idea that was.

What used to be a simple box to stuff letters in is now a fun or creepy tourist attraction.

even-the-mailboxes-in-japan-are-strangely-beautiful4-805x805 2

Some may be put randomly while others hold a certain meaning, such as an anniversary or a unique location. And according to DailyMail, “There are currently 205 special post boxes around Japan.”

Post box Haneda

The trend began in 1952 when the Japan Postal Service celebrated its 75th anniversary since joining the Universal Postal Union.

Since then, towns across Japan began to “dress up” their postboxes. Tourists would gather around them and take pictures to later share with friends as a tiny piece of Japanese culture.

even-the-mailboxes-in-japan-are-strangely-beautiful3-2-805x1002 2

One of the postboxes even holds a world record. Susami, a small fishing town holds a Guinness World Record for deepest underwater post box as it is located 33 ft. below sea level. Divers visit it all the time and send letters protected with water-resistant material. It functions as a normal post box and mail gets collected from it every couple of days.

If you want to check out more of these unique and extravagant postboxes, has 175,000 mapped out with their exact location and photographs.

Post box Japan

Photo Credits – Takamex, NorGal and CowardLion

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