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Japan will Soon Legalize Mirror-less Cars

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  • 08
  • 2016

You’ve probably been in a few cars which utilize camera technology to improve and assist with driving. Each of these cars, however, would have also had a full, or nearly full, set of mirrors installed anyway.

In Japan, this may no longer be the norm. The country will soon create a new law which allows car manufacturers to rely solely on the use of installed cameras to check for blind spots, obstructions, and obstacles behind the car when reversing.


Things move quickly in the car world, and manufacturers Bosch and Ichikoh are already attempting to create deals with Japanese car manufacturers. It is likely that the first cars produced after the law is set in stone will already take advantage of the new regulation and contain no mirrors.

According to BMW, installing cameras in the front, back, and sides are safer and more accurate than mirrors. No adjustment is needed, and blind spots will no longer be a problem. Future car generations will be designed in a more fuel economic, aerodynamic way. Driving in Japan may become a safer activity, and since cars without mirrors will be smaller, crashes and accidents can be reduced.

While Japan will role the new law out soon, many countries stand by their traditional car guidelines. For example, in the United States, both federal and state regulations dictate that all cars must have a minimum of two mirrors, one on the driver’s side, and a rearview mirror.


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