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Japanese Aichi Prefecture Seeks Full-time Ninjas

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  • 05
  • 2016

If you can speak like a ninja (whatever this might mean) and can perform acrobatic feats such as backward handsprings, in addition to enjoying dressing up and entertaining people, then this might be the perfect job for you.

This prefecture in central Japan seeks six young men and women to promote tourism in the region through various shows of team acrobatics and dances. While being and speaking Japanese is not crucial, successful candidates must be able to sound and act like ninjas and have a deep appreciation for the ninja’s part in Japanese history and culture.

Counter-intuitively, these ninjas will have to be adept at being seen, as a historically accurate ninja who uses various stealth tactics to remain unseen would ultimately defeat the purpose of the exercise. It is also extremely likely that wars on enemy clans, poisonings and assassinations of key government officials would be frowned upon.

So if you are interested, meet the requirements, are 18 or above, you can apply, just be sure to get those applications in quickly as the job offer is closing soon.


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