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Japanese café does their best to mitigate the torture of diet

  • 25
  • 04
  • 2016

Why is it that the foods that taste the best are almost always the worst for you? The answer is actually obvious, usually because of a combination of sugar, salt and fat. While classic diet foods such as salads can be tasty, they also tend to leave you somewhat unsatisfied, if not through taste then through appearance.

With an aim to address this issue, a Japanese food stylist by the name of Mitsuki Moriyasu has taken it upon herself to shatter these preconceptions. Rather than creating salad-based meals that look like the type of feasts you’d prepare for a cartoon rabbit, Mitsuki creates her meals to take the appearance of delicious cake.

By combining layers of vegetables sandwiched between soybean-flour sponge, with a covering of cream cheese or tofu, Mitsuki has fashioned dishes that could impress even the most die-hard opponents of vegetarianism.

The final product is both tasty and delicious. Let’s hope that it takes off in the rest of the world because if there is one thing that could help people eat their veggies, it’s cake.


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