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Japanese Company Employs Furry Little Helpers

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  • 2016

Life in the business world can be a stressful one. Quotas and supervisors breathing down your neck can leave people in perpetual states of increasing tension. Combating this very real problem can be tricky in itself. There is the need to balance personal freedom in such a way that doesn’t end up negatively affecting an employee’s co-workers or their own personal productivity.

Life in Tokyo is an especially strong example of this. The rat-race in this concrete jungle can wear down even the most dedicated of employees.


To combat this problem, a Japanese company by the name of Ferray Corporation has employed the services of 9 rescue cats that are allowed to freely wander the offices and play with the employees. The addition of these adorable, though not technologically gifted, animals has so far been reported to have a profound positive effect on overall stress levels, even given the occasional problems they cause through their insatiable curiosity.

Who knows whether this tactic will take off. It does lead one to wonder if so many work hours are taken up looking up pictures of cats on the internet, is the addition of even more cats into the equation really a good thing? The answer, at least in this case, appears to be a resounding yes.

Photo Credits: Kobby Dagan

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