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Japanese man invents Donald Trump style self-defence wig

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  • 2016

Have you ever wanted to look like American presidential hopeful Donald Trump? No? Well, how about have you ever wanted a hairpiece that is designed to withstand attacks from various weapons? No? Just bear with me, I’m going somewhere with this.

87-year-old Japanese inventor Yoshiro Nakamatsu has recently created a wig, based on the hairstyle of ‘The Don’, that he calls a ‘Guard Wig’. Hideous in form and ridiculous in function, this hat contains metal plates and a coiled strap hidden on the inside. The plates are used to protect, while the strap is included so that, in a pinch, the wig can be removed and thrown at an attacker or would be assassin, after which it can be reeled back in for another strike.

Japanese Donald Trump

Predictably unpopular, this wig is just the latest in a long line of decent and not-so-decent inventions from Mr Yoshiro. Other claims to fame by this inventor include the invention of the floppy disk (which IBM disputes), an engine that run on water (and doesn’t actually run) and a perpetual motion machine that runs on heat and cosmic energy (also doesn’t work).

What’s next for Mr Yoshiro? While he seems impossible to predict, I think we all look forward to his next ‘great’ idea.

Photo Credits: Ilya B. Mirman & Pio3

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