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Japanese McDonalds Makes Prize of Surprise Nugget

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  • 06
  • 2016

Finding a surprise in fast food is something that most of us dread. From hair to bandages or various unwanted animal parts, we all go in for these meals hoping for nothing but the standard package.

Eager to change our perspective on fast food surprises, a McDonald’s chain in Japan has decided to include a rare addition that we all would be thrilled to find.


During the period June 8-28, any purchase of Chicken McNuggets will enter you into a drawing for a bonus nugget made of something even better than chicken, unless you are really, really hungry – an 18-karat nugget of gold.

Japanese McDonalds

Other prizes in this promotion include 39 days of free chicken nuggets and other McDonald’s food products, but we bet we know what most people are hoping for.

The Japanese Twitter account for McDonalds is leaving hints about a mysterious man dressed in yellow and black who seems to have an affinity for stealing McDonald’s food and leaving prizes in his wake. While this makes him a rather poor criminal, it has caused a huge boost in the sale of chicken nuggets, just as a good promotion should.

0526a_7So if you’re in Japan and are a lover of these little chicken pieces, make sure you don’t eat them too quickly, as biting into solid gold isn’t generally advised by most dentists. Photo credits: Lucian Milasan and Tupungato /

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