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Japanese Workplaces are Holding ‘Smell Free’ Seminars

  • 24
  • 09
  • 2016

No one likes a smelly employee, and things can get really awkward if you are stuck dealing with their unpleasant odor for extended periods of time.

This is why many workplaces in Japan are now providing seminars on how to remain ‘odor free’ during the hot summer months.

These seminars are designed to reduce odor in the workplace and create a more comfortable environment for both customers and colleagues. Keisuke Oku, a spokesman for the company Mandom says there has been “a marked increase in the workforce of women, who are sensitive to the smells of man.”


Last month, 40 employees from the company SoftBank attended an odor seminar and were given lessons about what can cause body odor, such as armpit smell, bad breath, and strong foods, as well as how to properly use deodorant and remain hygienic.

Employees are warned against using large amounts of cologne, smoking during working hours, and eating smelly foods. They have been advised to brush their teeth after eating lunch or taking a break.


As well as the odor lessons now taking place in many Japanese work places, creative companies have begun producing products to combat office smells. Lightweight suits and cooling scarves have become popular in offices around Japan.

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