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Japan’s Most Intense Café – The Kawaii Monster Café

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  • 2016

Japan is home to a number of the world’s craziest theme café’s. Pokémon, super hero, and movie themes are among the favorites. For those even more adventurous diners looking for a one-of-a-kind experience, you have only one real option – the Kawaii Monster Café.


It is the most intense, interesting, and mind-boggling food experience known to mankind and somewhat resembles being on a different planet.

The café opened in August 2015 and is a collaboration between the artist Sebastian Masuda and Diamond Dining, the company famous for its themed restaurants.

Kawaii is a popular ideal in Japanese culture and generally refers to people, objects, and food being ‘cute.’ Bold colors and certain round and visually appealing artwork and toys are looked upon favorably by many Japanese people.

The Monster café uses the Kawaii idea as a base, but has taken an individual spin. Yoshiko Kikurahu, the director of global PR at Diamond Dining, explains that the café “is actually beyond the kawaii, which means not only pretty and cute, but also crazy, poisonous and colorful – the next generation kawaii. We want to be the reason people come to Tokyo.”


Inside the Monster café, you can choose from one of four themed areas:

  • The Mushroom Disco – a big forest covered in poisonous, colorful mushrooms and space plants
  • The Bar Experiment – inspired by jellyfish and mysterious, illuminated creatures from the deep sea
  • The Milk Stand – massive rabbit, sheep, and unicorn heads and a mountain of baby milk bottles
  • And lastly the Mel-Tea Room – giant macaroons, strawberries and cream, and large pastel chandeliers hanging from the roof

maxresdefault (1)

The food inside the Monster Café does not disappoint. For mains, you can choose from their famous colorful pasta with colorful dipping sauces, chicken and chocolate, or chicken wings with waffles. Top that off with a colorful parfait bigger than your head and you can call it a day.

All of this is served by the café’s ‘Monster Girls’ who are decked out in crazy colors, materials, and patterns. This is not an experience you would want to miss.


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