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Elephants and car

Jilted elephant takes his frustration out on local transport

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  • 2016

Animal courtship is a complicated thing, much like it is with us humans. Just like in humans it is possible for the animals to grow disheartened and frustrated with their lack of success, leading sometimes to outbursts of epic proportions.

Two Elephants

This was the case recently on a nature reserve in southern China where a disheartened elephant lost out on his bid for love, and decided to take it out on the cars of the visitors.

In the expression of his heartache the elephant damaged over a dozen parked vehicles before realizing this undignified behavior was unlikely to win him any further dates from his true love, so he wandered back into the reserve.

Car damaged by elephant

The damage to the vehicles was only minor, and nobody was harmed during the incident. In fact, some of the owners of the vehicles were thrilled to see such an event and were not overly concerned at the cosmetic damage to their transport.

Having taken responsibility for the minor rampage, the Chinese government decided to pay the repair costs for all of the 15 damaged vehicles.

We know it can be rough out there, Mr. Elephant. Maybe you could try Chinese Tinder?


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