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K-Pop Academy Heads to Mexico

  • 22
  • 07
  • 2016

Unsurprisingly K-Pop music has traveled far and wide. The combination of crazy costumes, difficult dance routines, catchy melodies, and extreme levels of training are just a few of the reasons why South Koreans, and people around the world, love the genre.

In Mexico, a country which has long held K-Pop on a shiny pedestal, a K-Pop training academy recently opened. The 10-week academy is being run by the Korean Cultural Center in Mexico City, where dedicated locals will receive training and instruction from some of the best K-Pop professionals, including vocal trainers and choreographers who helped bring Girl’s Generation, TVXQ, and JYJ into the spotlight.

So far, the program has received unexpected levels of interest. The academy stated over 400 Mexicans have applied for the program, which only has 60 available spaces. All applicants must be 15 years or older.

K-Pop artists training in Korea receive training which often exceeds what their western counterparts get by miles. Intensive full-time training commonly lasts more than a year and includes a mixture of singing, dance, and performance training, all before the South Korean Pop Stars are able to record their first song.


While the program in Mexico is a little less intense, it follows the same idea. Participants will spend their first six weeks learning Korean lyrics, mastering pronunciation, and learning the language basics, as well as receiving vocal and dance training. The last 4 weeks will work on refining skills and blending them together.

Chang Chi-young, the director of Mexico’s K-Pop academy says, “This academy will provide an opportunity for us to upgrade the way we spread Korean, from simply watching it to experiencing it.”


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