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Kissenger – The Device that Lets You to FEEL a Kiss Through Your iPhone

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  • 2017

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, then you’ve probably had the urge to feel your partners’ lips and wished there was something that could resemble that feeling of actually kissing your long-distance lover.


Well, your wishes have been granted. A product called The Kissenger is an iPhone attachment that claims to replicate the feeling of a human kiss.

The gadget is made from silicon which measures the pressure you use in each part of your lips so that it digitally sends the exact feeling to the recipient who then touches the paired device to their own lips or any desired body part. The receiving device gives the replicated kiss. Quite a feat – wouldn’t you say?


Some users might feel awkward to put the silicon to your lips, but remember, it might just make you feel closer to a loved one, especially if you’re having a video chat with your partner at the same time as simulating the kiss. You’ll have to be the judge of that.

As strange as the product might look, the product actually does cater to a need. Only if you try it out will you know whether it does, in fact, feel like your lover’s lips.

The Kissenger has gone through several different prototypes already. Are you looking forward to choosing the one you like best?


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