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Kobi is the autonomous robot that can mow your lawn and clear snow from your drive

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  • 2016

As the weather turns, maintaining your garden becomes much more of a chore as you battle the elements as well as leaves and possibly even snow.

However, the robotics world is ready to step in and help, with a new autonomous robot capable of keeping your driveway clear of leaves and snow, as well as cutting your grass.

It’s called Kobi.

The bot is powered and controlled by a companion smartphone app, which can be used to plan and control Kobi on its course – with the app linking to the robot over either Bluetooth or WiFi. It comes with a rechargeable battery and a docking station to power up.

Kobi can be linked to weather forecasts to plan when to go to work, and monitors things such as snowfall in real time, beginning the clear-up before it gets too heavy or deep.

The app has a training mode, where owners show Kobi the parameters of the space in which they want it to work, as well as any obstacles that are in its way.


Should any envious passers-by take a fancy to Kobi, it also comes with an anti-theft mode that sounds a loud alarm when leaving the perimeter of your home, and will lock itself with a pin.

It’s due to go on sale early 2017 – with a price tag of around $3,900.

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