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Making Fast Food Even Faster with McDelivery

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  • 2016

If you’re looking to have a McDonald’s hamburger delivered to your doorstep, you’re in luck… only if you’re in Asia.

People in China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia and other Asian countries have had the luck to increase their level of laziness, motivated by one of the largest fast-food chains in the world, McDonald’s.


Western foreigners are now able to sit in the comfort of their home, stay in their pajamas and order some junk food that everybody craves every once in a while.

The most popular way of doing this is through an online order. There are even a few guides out there on “How to Order Fast Food Online in China.”

Don’t feel neglected if you are in a western country. The only way McDonald’s and other fast-food chains can afford such a trait for such a cheap meal is because of the country and the means of transportation.


E-bikes are one of the main factors that allow this ‘luxury’ in Asian countries. You might not see many of these in the U.S. or U.K., which means McDonald’s would have to invest a bit of money on gas and insurance, not to mention the extra staff to deliver the goods.

The returns on this added benefit are probably not enough to cover every cost, so it’s simply just not doable.

However, McDonald’s has made some extra effort to bring this feature to a few more developed countries such as Australia and Japan by setting a minimum order to cover their costs.

Now you know, if having fast-food delivered to your doorstep is a priority, you have discovered your new home.

Photo credits: TonyV3112/Sorbin

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