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Chinese New Year celebration

Man Cycles Wrong Way to Celebrate Chinese New Year with Family

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  • 2017

Chinese New Year brings with it the largest annual human mass migration on earth with an estimated 430 million Chinese on the move by land, sea, and air. This is the holiday that Chinese people want to celebrate with their families, however difficult it may be to get to them.

Man cycles wrong way Chinese New Year

It isn’t always financially easy for people to buy tickets for transportation to their family homes which may be far from where they work. One man, in particular, was determined to join his family to celebrate the new year.

He didn’t have enough money for a train ticket, though. So he decided to cycle home. Undaunted, or perhaps unaware, that the trip was 1,700 km (1,057 miles), he set off well in advance of the holiday period.

Man cycles wrong way Chinese New Year

With no money for even the cheapest hotels along the way, he slept each night in an internet café – not all that uncommon in China. After 30 days and 500 km (310 miles) on the road, he was stopped by police because he was cycling on a highway designated for cars only.

At this point, he found out that he’d been cycling the wrong way so had actually increased the distance to get to his family. He explained that he’d been relying on asking people for directions because he couldn’t read maps or road signs.

Man cycles wrong way Chinese New Year

But this story has a very happy ending. Police and toll station employees took pity on this man and bought him a train ticket so that he could get to his family in time for celebrations.

I hope he got a lot of red envelopes stuffed with money for his determination.

Chinese New Year fireworks

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