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‘Monkey Men’ to Scare Away Indian Parliament Monkeys

  • 24
  • 04
  • 2016

The Indian government, tired of menacing macaques taking over the parliament, decided it’s time to ‘blend in with the enemy,’ hiring men to dress up as apes to frighten the macaques away.

Langur monkeys are faster, stronger, and more intelligent than macaques, causing the naughty macaques to flee at first sight of a langur. For this reason, parliament members were told 40 young men were hired to dress up as langur monkeys to steer away this plague of menacing monkeys. This was plan A.

Plan B was to bring the weapons out.


If the “ape-men” failed to scare away the macaques, M Venkaiah Naidu, the Urban Development Union minister, decided to deploy gunmen to fire rubber bullets as a last measure.

Such arrangements have been made, not only because of the stress and damages caused to the city center, but also as a result of the aggression of the macaques and attacks against staff.

In 2007, the deputy mayor suffered macaque attacks on his balcony, resulting in a fall to his death.

Though this is a short-term solution to a long-term problem, it demonstrates the frustration of government officials at the sight of monkeys wandering with no restrictions through the lawns of India gate and invading government buildings where they gnaw on internet, telephone, and other cables, jump through windows, and occasionally attack people for food.

The general public also feels uncomfortable with the situation, but do nothing about it as some Hindus venerate the monkeys in honor of Hanuman, a half-man, half-monkey deity.


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