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Nepalese man sets new world record, parents wonder where they went wrong

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  • 2016

Getting a world record isn’t always something to be proud of. Running the fastest marathon ever? Well, that is certainly impressive. Eating the most cockroaches in five minutes? Well, sure, I guess that could be counted as impressive. How about kicking yourself in the head, how would you rate that?

Mr Puskar, of Nepal, seemingly unconcerned with what you would think of as impressive, developed his most useful of techniques over a period of eight months. By bending his torso as far down as he can manage, while simultaneously alternating between using both his left and right feet, he had managed to set the record at 134 kicks in 60 seconds.

Nepalese man

While visibly slowing down in the later parts of his run, it is unknown is this is due to fatigue or compounded head injury.

What is known is the sheer amount of human development in this area, as in 2003 this record was set at 42 times in a minute, a record which Mr Puskar absolutely decimated.

Having set this record, Puskar has set his sights on a new target: he eventually hopes to be able to set 100 world records. Let’s hope that few of them require getting hit in the head, you’ve paid your dues, Mr Puskar, and good luck to you.

Photo credit: Ken Wolter

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