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Nadiem Makarim Go-Jek Indonesia

New York Has Bicycle Messengers – Indonesia Has Go-Jek

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  • 2017

You think you have a bad commute? Have you ever been to Jakarta, Indonesia? If not, then you don’t really know bad traffic.

According to a report from Castrol motor oil company, Jakarta has the worst traffic in the world. They used information from GPS devices in 78 countries and applied an algorithm to determine how often a car started and stopped per kilometer.

Jakarta traffic

Not all the green helmets in this image are Go-Jek drivers, but I can spot a few Go-Jeks.

With the resulting information, Castrol was able to rank the traffic in these 78 countries to find the city with the worst traffic. And Jakarta won. Of course, Jakarta residents could have told you the results without all that complicated algebra.

Jakarta traffic

If you timed things right, you could be in the traffic on the left that’s moving well. But you’d probably be stopped in the traffic jam on the right.

Big problems bring big solutions. If you live in Jakarta, you probably cannot avoid going to work in traffic, but what if you could hire someone else to maneuver through the traffic for your other needs? Wouldn’t you be happy to pay for that?

Most cities in Indonesia have ojeks, which are motorcycle taxis that can maneuver through traffic like a snake more easily than a car or regular taxi, thereby getting you to your destination faster.

Nadiem Makarim Go-Jek Indonesia

One day when Nadiem Makarim was on an ojek, he got the brilliant idea to use the services of the ojek and driver to do some errands for him while he relaxed at home. When that worked out well, he decided to start a business using the same concept. He called it Go-Jek, and it grew faster than he probably ever imagined it would.

Go-Jek Indonesia

Two Go-Jek drivers on the job

Go-Jek is now available in cities across Indonesia with more than 250,000 drivers. All you have to do is download the award-winning Go-Jek app onto your smartphone and put some funds into your account. Then Go-Jek will bring you an order from Kentucky Fried Chicken or a refill of your latest prescription or someone to give you a manicure and pedicure in your home or pick up your grocery order from the supermarket.

Now if only there was a way for Go-Jek to perform your duties at the office!

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