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Nintendo recently released its first Smartphone game Miitomo

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Nintendo has now released its long awaited smartphone app, however, it is only for within Japan. The game, which has no expected release date in the US or European markets, it is the first of five android games which have been produced by Nintendo and another Japanese firm DeNA.

Nintendo revealed Miitomo, a social style app which allows the users to create avatars of themselves, modifying clothing, hairstyles, accessories and even tone of voice, while learning fun and interesting information about their friends.

The game appears to be a mix between the “Miis” which were introduced alongside the launch of Wii and the social network Nintendo created through the 3DS. Hopefully for Nintendo, Miitomo has more success than the previous two.


Miitomo works through the users social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter, asking get to know you questions about their weekend and interests. These answers are then shared amongst friends who can then love or comment on the answers, or the Avatars can “converse” in private.
You can arrange your avatar in a variety of different poses and settings, relaxing at the beach, with your cat or in your bedroom. You simply take a photo and your Avatar is transported to a new place, you can share these with your friends on Miitomo or through wider social networks such as facebook.

Within Miitomo there is a lottery style mini-game which the avatars can play, allowing them to win special features which are not available otherwise. Gaming experts are expecting avatars to have the possibility of unlocking free levels or experiences throughout the Nintendo consoles, creating a big network for Nintendo fans to navigate around. Alex Olney, a games journalist at Nintendo Life, said “It gets people on their platform – a gateway into the wider Nintendo world.”

Its first reactions from gamers are positive, with many saying that it has all the trademarks of a Nintendo game.


Photo credits: Tinxi/Barone Firenze/logoboom

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