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Over 60? You can work in Shanghai – With a few conditions

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  • 2016

Have you dreamed of working overseas – maybe in China? You may have a chance to fulfill that dream.

‘Foreign experts’ is the term for those who will be eligible to live as an expat in China. The initiative was originally born for foreigners working in Shanghai on the edge of their 50’s to apply for ‘foreign expert certificates’ to get legal residencies.


China has now loosened their strict visa policies in an effort to bring in skilled foreign workers. But not any foreign workers. The requirements are very strict.

Since the system was launched in 2004, only 5,000 out of hundreds of thousands of applications have received a ‘Chinese green card.’

The reason so few applications have been approved is the strict requirements that need to be met. To be granted legal residency, you have to be an investor, a top executive, or a tech expert. In addition, you have to hold a professional title and have worked in China for at least 4 years. Last but not least, the applicant has to have made ‘outstanding contributions’ to China.

Colorful lanterns

Don’t let this daunt you.

The benefits exceed what you might think. Foreign experts will be able to enjoy many benefits Chinese citizens receive, such as fewer restrictions for home purchases and home registrations, as well as being included in the social security system with medical, retirement, unemployment, and maternity benefits.

If you’re young and dreaming to live in China, it’s not too late to get some experience under your belt.
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