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West Asia Baseball Cup

Pakistan Hosts 2017 West Asia Baseball Cup

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  • 2017

Calling all baseball fans to Islamabad, Pakistan. Oh, you thought that baseball was only played in the United States? It’s the American national pastime, right?

West Asia Baseball Cup

And you know they play baseball in Japan, but you figure that’s the only Asian country where baseball is popular.

Well, you’ll have to re-think that. From February 25 to March 1, 2017, the Baseball Federation of Asia (BFA) will host the West Asia Baseball Cup in Islamabad, Pakistan.

West Asia Baseball Cup

This won’t be the first West Asia Baseball Cup. No. This will be the 13th time this event has taken place, but the first time in Islamabad.

And Pakistan won’t be the only country participating. Five other countries have confirmed that they’ll be sending their baseball teams – India, Iran, Iraq, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.

West Asia Baseball Cup

Pakistan is the current West Asia Baseball Cup champions, but both Iran and Sri Lanka are expected to give them a real run for their money this year. The winner will proceed to the Asian Baseball Championship competition.

Regardless of who wins, baseball can truly be seen as a popular sport all over the world.

West Asia Baseball Cup

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