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Panasonic’s invisible TV is the next gadget you’ll want

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  • 2016

Panasonic has been offering a window into the future of television at the CEATEC technology show in Japan, including a TV that can turn invisible when not in use.

Panasonic is using a wider exhibition on the internet of things to promote its concepts, including a glass panel that appears to be just part of the fixtures on a cabinet.

In fact, it’s a fully functioning display that can be used to show photos and video before returning to a clear pane of glass when not in use.

transparent display

Jump to around the 56-second mark in the video to see it in action.

Panasonic first previewed the technology at CES in Las Vegas back in January, but has now honed the panel further.

The tech giant said the aim of this and its other smart home products is to “change the spatial ambience to suit human behaviour” and that this makes people feel more comfortable.

The exhibition also included a smart kitchen worktop that has a cooker built into it and can heat food directly on a plate, without the need for a pot or frying pan.

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