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A Shopping Mall In Xian Has Introducded Parking Spaces Which Are Sure To Start A Controversy

  • 17
  • 09
  • 2016

In the history of humankind, women have been known for many memorable and historic moments. Nonetheless, the execs at a shopping mall think Chinese women still need help when it comes to parking a car.


In Xi’an, China, there is an exclusive female parking section in a shopping mall. It is painted pink and has wider parking spaces – 3.75 meters compared to the normal 2.5 meters.


Don’t be surprised though. This isn’t the first time sexism has played a role to create women-only parking spaces. A similar example happened in a Shandong parking lot to celebrate International Women’s Day. And later in May, a Hangzhou service station followed in their footsteps.

These events were immediately blasted out as sexist and discriminatory. In addition, the bright pink color and unnecessarily wide space offended many.


Once the pictures hit the internet, some were quick to reason their way through. Some internet users said these spaces weren’t discriminatory. After all, women were not obligated to use them. And some guys were even envious of female drivers for getting such consideration.



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