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How a Parrot got Arrested in India

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  • 2016

An 85-year old Indian woman filed a harassment report against a male Rose-ringed parrot. The woman, Janabai Sakharkar, told police that she has been hearing foul language and abusive words directed towards her from Hariyal the parrot for two years. Her estranged stepson, Suresh, owns the parrot.

Janabai’s theory is that Suresh dedicated his time and energy to train the smart bird and taught him insults towards his stepmom. The existing dispute between the two parties stems from Suresh’s claims on his father’s property when the old man died. Janabai however held on to the property.

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Police officers called the involved parties in order to extract the truth straight from the parrot’s beak. Despite the presence of Janabai, Hariyal the parrot never uttered a single cuss or swear word. Law enforcement did not press any charges against the arrested parrot. However, Hariyal is no longer returned to his owner.

The forestry department received the parrot that was turned over to the group for rehabilitation. There are actually no detailed explanations as to what the rehabilitation entails. Those interested about the case are saying with humor that they are expecting an Indian parrot in orange jumpsuit anytime soon, serving his penalty term.

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