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Parrot in India brought to police after constant string of obscenities

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  • 2016

Parrots can’t really talk, at least not as we do. Instead, what they do is mimic, often at an incredibly talented level, that which they hear around them. This can be the sounds of construction equipment, music, or in this case, a  string of rather uncouth swear words.


85-year-old Janabai Sarkharkar of India’s Chandrapur district found herself increasingly frustrated with her family’s pet recently. Her stepson had apparently been training it to shout insulting comments as she walked by. Not content to sit back and let such offense slide, Janabai got in contact with the local police department who, in an effort to clear things up, brought Janabai, her stepson Suresh, and the foul mouthed parrot Hariyal into the police station.


The parrot, seemingly quite restrained at the sight of the officers, no longer performed when brought in to demonstrate its verbal diarrhea. Despite keeping mum in this case, the police decided to take the word of Jababai over that of Suresh and ultimately decided to hand the parrot over to forest officials in the hope that it could be rehabilitated into a more relaxing and less cantankerous atmosphere.


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