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People are pretty terrified by this new piece of tech designed to deal with Beijing’s crazy smog

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  • 2017

Technology is moving at lightning speed, and on the whole we’re pretty thankful for it (we’re looking at you, VR).

But a new advertisement seen on the Beijing underground shows things are perhaps moving a bit too fast – and we’re a bit frightened.

Yes, that’s a lady going for a jog wearing a hefty piece of kit designed to keep her safe from polluted air.

Yikes, pretty scary stuff – it looks like something out of a sci-fi movie.

But it might become a necessity sooner than you think considering the current environmental situation in China.

Air pollution is a huge problem for the country – just have a look at how heavy the smog has been in the past couple of weeks in Beijing alone.

Beijing smog

(Andy Wong/AP)

Smog in Beijing

(Andy Wong/AP)

Beijing smog

(Ng Han Guan/AP)

Air pollution in Beijing

(Amdy Wong/AP)

Regardless of how freaked out about the environment this smog might make you feel, people seem to be even more perturbed by how terrifying the mask is.

But some think it’s actually quite cool. Maybe it’ll become the newest must-have accessory for 2017?

Others think the problem isn’t one for China alone.

A scary look into the future – but you might be buying yourself a mask like the one in the ad soon.

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