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Perfect Patience Portrayed in Police Dog Line Up

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  • 04
  • 2016

We have all encountered a crazy energetic dog at some point in our lifetime. You can probably remember getting drool and scratch marks everywhere after it jumps on you during feeding time.

Not these pooches, though. This heartwarming image displays how well these canines control their instincts, maybe even better than a lot of humans.

Here are five German shepherds lined up behind a black Labrador, all holding up their food bowls with their mouth while patiently waiting their turn to be served a tasty meal.

That is what you call discipline.

Daily Mail claims this picture was taken at a Chinese police academy, which would perfectly explain this not too common behavior unless you’re at a canine police training center. The news site reports that queuing for their meal is a common tradition for the dogs in the Zhejiang Armed Police Force as pictures have previously portrayed.

“Handsome, big appetite, courageous and possessive… these are the requirements of a good police dog,” stated an expert police dog trainer based in Hangzhou.

It’s no surprise that police dogs are given such special treatment. They are given major duties and are responsible for important tasks, such as searches for fleeing criminals, rescuing citizens, sniffing for drugs or explosives, and other law enforcement activities.

As a thank you to their service, these canines are taken to a police dog home when they retire and enjoy benefits such as the best medical care and treatment.

Such behavior in dogs should remind us that it’s possible to heighten our own standards and improve our social grace.


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