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Possible superhero sighting in Beijing

  • 13
  • 04
  • 2016

Superhero’s are supposed to be something that we can all look up to, though in this case you might not want to take that literally.

People on the streets of Beijing have recently reported sightings of a man that can only possibly a superhero, likely testing the limits of his new powers.

The unidentified man, who is either painted blue or gained his pigment through some sort of failed scientific accident, has been spotted all over the city. Seen sprinting across streets, likely to the site of some sort of heinous crime, the man carries with him his weapon of choice, a blow-up doll.


The man is also naked, likely due to his clothes being torn off by his sheer velocity. His name is unknown, as are his likely numerous accomplishments.

He might not be the hero that Beijing wants, and he also probably isn’t the one they need right now, but regardless of this, the man remains steadfast in his pursuit of higher justice.

The idea that he might just be a prankster remains an active theory in some communities.

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