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Record-Setting Dog Yoga Event in Tokyo

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  • 2016

Did you know that Dog Yoga is a society in Japan? According to Noriko Onuma, head of Japan’s Dog Yoga society, doing yoga with your dog promotes the bond between dog and owner through exercise.

Dog yoga Tokyo

The group of 136 dogs and owners who gathered together at Toshimaen Amusement Park on 13 November 2016 set a record as the largest dog yoga group. This event marked the first day of Japan’s family week, an annual event started in 2012 to encourage family bonding.

Dog yoga Tokyo

Dog yoga instructor Etsuko Kumata described benefits for both humans and dogs when doing dog yoga. The owner has contact with his dog throughout the exercise and eventually will become familiar with his dog’s rhythm.

This means that he will then recognize whether the dog is breathing faster than usual or whether the dog’s heart is not beating normally. In other words, a person can detect when something isn’t right much more quickly than usual.

This event took place in Tokyo, but there are plans to host events like this throughout Japan in the future.

Dog yoga Tokyo


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