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Young Chinese couple

Rent a Boyfriend – Chinese Style

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  • 2016

Like parents of many ethnic groups, Chinese parents often pressure their adult daughters to not waste time finding a spouse. Many parents can hardly wait to become grandparents, so they like their children to marry in their early or mid-twenties.

But young adults in China are waiting longer and longer to get married – just like in many other countries. And even once married, they might decide to wait several years before having children. Or they might decide not to have children at all. Oh, the poor parents!

Young Chinese couple

A friend of mine in Shanghai told me that when a Chinese girl decides it’s time to settle down, she expects a man to have three C’s – cash, condo, and credit card. Any candidate who doesn’t have the three C’s will be cast into the rubbish pile.

Parents also want their daughter to have a husband who will be able to provide well for his family. But sometimes the parents become more concerned that their daughter is being too picky, and so they might nag her to hurry up and find a husband.

You would think that young ladies would have an easy time to find a husband since China has 118 boys born for every 100 girls. Lots of bachelors to choose from, ladies.

Chinese couple at formal event

What can a young Chinese lady do to stop the pressure from her parents? She can rent a boyfriend. He will be dressed appropriately for the occasion – whether formal or casual – and the parents will be impressed.

Taobao is one of the online services where young ladies can find a fake boyfriend. These guys have found a way to make some money and help a young lady in distress at the same time.

And who knows? An unexpected result might be a match made in heaven. The wedding might take place sooner than you thought.

Chinese wedding couple

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