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Only in Japan: Chocolate Cheese Slices For Your Sandwich

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  • 2016

Do you love chocolate? If your answer is yes, read on – you may be pleasantly surprised. By now, you might have noticed a pattern happening. When you see or hear news about food and Japan or China is in the mix, you know things are either about to get weird or about to get very good.

In this case, it gets better than good.


Bourbon, a Japanese chocolate company, has improved cheese single slices by changing the main ingredient to chocolate.

Everybody in Japan now gets the chance to melt a thin flexible layer of chocolate on top of whatever they want.


The flexibility of this slice of chocolate makes it extra easy to include it in extra delicious desserts or cake rolls, for example. Instead of just having a creamy interior, it’ll have a creamy chocolatey interior.

Yes, we know that maybe you’re not in Japan. But luckily, the Bourbon Company also sells the 2 millimeter thick chocolate slices online, with the sole condition of making a minimum order of 60 slices.

But that wouldn’t be a problem, right? Sixty slices would disappear so quick you’d order triple that amount before you could say Pålægschokolade.


That’s a Danish version of chocolate slices, with a 53-year-old trajectory, but the Danish version is not as flexible and malleable as the Japanese version.

The Japanese ‘full-bodied deep, melting in the mouth’ slices are bound to make a mark on your taste buds as they are made of the legendary nama chocolate. Originally from the Japanese Royce Chocolate Company, the nama chocolate is the solidification of the extraordinary mix of chocolate milk and cream.

It’s time to put those credit cards to more use and order a package.


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