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Rings for our Wedding? Nah, Let’s Exchange Pythons

  • 30
  • 09
  • 2016

You know the marriage is going to last when you decide to exchange golden pythons instead of rings at the ceremony.

In mid-September, a Chinese couple decided to get married with a unique twist that involved a couple of pretty heavy serpents, golden pythons to be exact.

Couple and golden pythons

The couple, Jiang Xue and Wu Jianfeng, says that these golden pythons represent a symbol of their relationship. And the purpose of performing this public act was to promote wildlife conservation.

Both are animal lovers who volunteer at a local animal protection center. They not only had the pythons as pets, but they also raise spiders, lizards, and birds.

Unfortunately for the couple, they didn’t count on what would happen after their public act went viral. The morning of September 18, two days after the ceremony, the two pythons were taken away by forestry public security bureau.

These golden pythons, which can grow up to 23 feet, are now living in a wild animal rescue center.

Chinese couple married with pythons

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