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Secret escapes in Thailand

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  • 2017

Who doesn’t want to visit Thailand? If you haven’t been, then you may be feeling desperate to go. If you’ve already been to Thailand, then you’re probably counting down the days until you can venture back to this stunningly mystical land. It seems that no one is satisfied with just one visit. People fall in love with Thailand.

Temple in Thailand

Maybe on your next visit, you’d like to venture to some places that are more off the beaten track – places that are still secrets and not packed with too many tourists? Below are some suggestions of wonderful places you can see in Thailand that aren’t so well known. Here goes!

Ao Sane Beach

This stunning little cove on Phuket’s southwestern coast is mostly off the tourist trails. And yet, it’s considered one of the most beautiful beaches on the whole island. Because it’s a little bit further afield, it’s not over-saturated with tourists, so you can enjoy peace and quiet.

Ao Sane Beach, Phuket, Thailand

You can find Ao Sane down a small, well-marked road past The Nai Harn. It’s only 200m long, with super-soft sand dotted with picturesque granite boulders. The beach is framed by dense jungle behind it and clean, clear water in front. It’s one of the top snorkeling beaches in Phuket, so you’d be crazy to miss spending some time at this miniature paradise.

Wassa Homemade Bar in Patong

How about watching the sunset with a cold beer, good food, and a superb view? For this, you need to head over to the Wassa Homemade Bar in Patong. Yes, it’s true that Patong is well-developed with a lot of tourists. But most of them haven’t yet discovered Wassa Homemade Bar.

Wassa Homemade Bar, Patong, Thailand

You can find it hiding right at the back of the town, about as far from the beach as you can get without going all the way up to Radar Hill. The access road is extremely steep, but it’s worth the trouble to get up there because the view is gorgeous, both in the day and at night. It’s a beautiful place to visit as a family or as a couple for a romantic meal or date night, especially when the sunset is gorgeous.

Lampang, North of Thailand

Passing by Lampang is all too common if you are on your way to Chiang Mai, but this laid-back town is well worth a stop-over thanks to its riverside bars and restaurants, its many horse-drawn carriages, and its impressive Buddhist temples!

Thailand elephant conservation centre

It’s a place you’ve probably never heard of and a place you would have driven past, but the head-turning province is also home to the Thailand Elephant Conservation Centre, where you can watch more than 50 elephants bathing with babies. Take an elephant ride while you’re there. What could be better?

Buriram, Northeast Thailand

If you are a lover of all things ancient and their rich history, then the beautiful ruins of Buriram are most definitely for you. Ancient Khmer ruins are commonplace, the most impressive being Phanom Rung, which is one of the most well preserved Khmer temple complexes in Southeast Asia. Surely worth a visit, don’t you think.

Buriram ancient Khmer ruins

Apart from this, rural Thai life is a drawing card, with hot, spicy Isan food on the menu. Are you brave enough to try some of these Asian spices?

The above are just four of many secret escapes in Thailand. The beauty of visiting Thailand is that it has many more secret escapes. You never know what you’ll find just down a road. Be adventurous and explore. You’ll return home with some great stories.

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