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Seijin no Hi: A Day Dedicated to Coming of Age

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Japan is known to be pretty big on traditions. One really interesting tradition is the celebration of the Japanese youth’s coming of age. Seijin no Hi is an annual ceremony where 20-year-old Japanese citizens are officially welcomed into adulthood. Here are the things you need to know about this customary rite of passage.

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The celebration is held every second Monday of January in different cities in municipalities in Japan. The event began in 1948 and was celebrated every 15th of January. However, the Japanese government adopted the Happy Monday System where a number of government-organized holidays, including Seijin no Hi, were moved to Monday for its citizens to enjoy what most of us know as long weekends.

Turning Twenty: A Huge Deal

20 is considered the legal age for Japanese people. Girls and boys are not allowed to get drunk, smoke, gamble, and go out until the wee hours until they reach this age. No wonder turning 20 is a huge deal for Japan’s youth. For them, it’s a sign of freedom to make their own choices and become responsible for their decisions.

What to Expect

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There’s more to the Coming of Age Day than liberation. Here are the things you can expect from the nationwide celebration.


The event begins around 11:30 PM where participants are welcomed with inspiring speeches delivered by their respective government leaders. For bigger events like in Shinjuku, Nakano, and Shibuya, live dance and music performances are also part of the ceremony. Tokyo Disneyland also takes part in the celebration by hosting a Coming of Age Ceremony in their own turf!

Colorful Traditional Costumes

Hoy se celebra en Japón el Seijin no Hi que significa literalmente “El día en que te conviertes en adulto”. Hoy todos los que cumplen 20 años entre el 2 de abril del año anterior y el 1 de abril de este año están de fiesta! Hoy se celebra la ceremonia del Seijin Shiki y todos van vestidos de gala. Los chicos suelen ir con traje occidental aunque también usan llamativos Haori y Hakama y las chicas llevan durante todo el día kimonos de estilo furisode. Los más espectaculares con mangas más largas y estampados muy llamativos. Como suele hacer frio además las chicas suelen llevar estolas de piel muy tradicionales, peinados y maquillajes especiales y lo más importante grandes y hermosas sonrisas en un día tan especial para ellos. Feliz mayoría de edad!!! 🎀👘🎀 . Imagen @tokyofashion . . . . #sugoihunter #seijinshiki #seijinnohi #成人の日 #japon #japan #kimono #furisode #haori #hakama #fiesta #tokyo #kyoto #japanstyle

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Young women wear long-sleeved kimonos, also known as Furisode. Young men, on the other hand, wear either western suits or Hakamas.

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Event participants also get simple tokens to signify they’ve been formally welcomed to adulthood.

Tons of Coverage

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National TV stations cover different Coming of Age ceremonies across Japan like crazy. Photographers also flock to different locations to capture this glorious event.


After the Ceremony

As the Coming of Age Ceremony comes to a close, the new adults part ways to take part in casual gatherings that suit their taste. Some of them head home to continue the celebration with family and friends.

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Others prefer to shop at nearby shopping districts while wearing their traditional costumes. Most of them prefer to hit clubs or grab drinks in popular bars across Japan.

Location Details


Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building


2 Chome-8-1 Nishishinjuku Shinjuku-ku, Tōkyō-to 163-8001 Japan

Event Date

January 8, 2018

Hours & Fees

11:30 AM | Free

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