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Jingshan Park seniors

Seniors Have Fun in Beijing’s Jingshan Park

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  • 2016

Beijing’s Jingshan Park used to be an imperial garden and part of the Forbidden City. In 1928, however, a new road was built that separated the park area from the Forbidden City.

The area eventually became a public park and is now a popular place for locals to gather and exercise. You can see seniors dancing, singing opera, and doing light exercise.

Jingshan Park seniors

Jingshan is beautifully landscaped and has traditional Chinese pavilions and drum and bell towers, but the most interesting aspect to some is viewing the activities of locals.

China has more than 140 million people over the age of 60, and many of them participate in some sort of physical exercise. Part of the reason elderly Chinese exercise is, of course, to stay fit as they age. But perhaps even more important, exercising at their local public park also gives them the opportunity to socialize with other people in their age range.

Jingshan Park seniors

As you walk around the park among the seniors, you might be invited to join them to participate in some of the activities.

Take advantage of this opportunity – locals are very friendly and will welcome you warmly.  You just might make some friends that you’ll return to visit on your next vacation.

Jingshan Park seniors

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