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Shipwrecked couple stranded on remote island rescued after searchers spot ‘SOS’ in sand

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  • 2016

Two boaters stranded in an uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean were rescued after a US Navy aircraft crew spotted the couple on the beach alongside the letters “SOS” written in the sand.

According to a statement released by the US Navy, the couple – named Linus and Sabina Jack – were reported missing on August 19.

US Embassy Kolonia – Timeline | Facebook

The pair had departed Weno Island in Micronesia two days earlier and had been due to arrive on Tamatam Island on August 18.

When they failed to show, the US Embassy in Kolonia – the capital city of Pohnpei State – announced in a Facebook post they had begun search and rescue operation.

US Embassy Kolonia – Timeline | Facebook

Few days later, a search vessel reported seeing a flashing light on East Fayu island.

Later in an update on Facebook, the embassy wrote: “Since the island was potentially uninhabited and knowing Linus Jack and Sapina Jack had a flashlight in their boat, we directed our search aircraft to overfly the island this morning.”

US Embassy Kolonia – Timeline | Facebook

According to the Navy, the crew spotted the duo on the beach and gave their location to the Coast Guard in Guam – a US island territory in Micronesia.

US Embassy Kolonia – Timeline | Facebook

It is believed the couple had limited supplies and no emergency equipment on board the 18-foot vessel.

They were picked up from the East Fayu island and taken to a patrol boat.

US Embassy Kolonia – Timeline | Facebook

The embassy posted an update to say the couple had been rescued by the crew and were waiting for a ship to take them home.

US Embassy Kolonia – Timeline | Facebook

The US Coast Guard, along with other agencies, searched nearly 17,000 square miles (43,000 square kilometres) of ocean for the Jacks.

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