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Singapore Claims the Title for Best Pastry Chefs, Wining the Asian Pastry Cup

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I think it’s fair to say that most of us have a bit of a sweet tooth, and me personally, I think I would have died and gone to heaven if I had tasted or even smelled the food creations during the Asian Pastry Cup in April.

The teams from 11 different Asian countries had eight jam-packed hours to produce an extravagant chocolate showpiece, a sugar showpiece, two chocolate cakes and 15 additional plated desserts, a feat which would probably take the average person around eight weeks to complete.

Team Singapore, which includes pastry chef Desmond Lee from Mandarin Oriental Singapore, Pang Yun Kian from The Regent Hotel and their manager, Alex Yen, the executive chef of the restaurant chain Bakerzin, came out on top of the competition, winning the Asian Pastry Cup.

Team Singapore, which has now won four times since 2006, got a leg up on their competition after plating a strawberry compote with lychee granite and vanilla mascarpone cream.

As a result of the win, Singapore has scored a place in the World Pastry Cup final, which will be held in 2017 in Lyon, France. Second and third place, Malaysia and India respectively, will also be competing in the World Pastry Final.


The members of the Singapore team are no strangers to hard work, and chef Lee said “we spent at least eight hours training each day in order to be ready for the competition. It’s very important to have stamina when you are on stage for eight hours. I’m really pleased with the result and this makes me want to train even harder.”

After a short break, the teams will again begin preparing for the World Pastry Final in 2017, the biggest challenge for many of the Asian teams, and something the Singaporean chefs will have to learn and perfect, ice sculpting.13047792_848845028592922_28514914043351824_o

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