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Singapore Hopes to Have Self-Driving Buses As Soon as Possible

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  • 2016

The world of automation is getting closer every single day. We have seen driverless cars being tested on university campuses and low traffic streets. Now, we will start seeing self-driving buses.

Singapore plans to test its first self-driving bus at Nanyang Technological University. The test is planned to take place in 2018.
driverless bus

If successful, the system will be applied to more universities and places around the city in an effort to encourage the public to take shared transport to get around.

The autonomous bus trial will start with two electric hybrid buses that will eventually be able to effectively navigate through Singaporean traffic and climate conditions.

Driverless bus test

‘Current efforts worldwide have been focused on cars, so this autonomous bus trial is the first-of-its-kind in Singapore that will aim to improve road safety, reduce vehicle congestion, alleviate pollution and address manpower challenges,’ said Professor Lam Khin Yong, NTU chief of staff and vice-president.

Thanks to current technological advances, the Land transport Authority and NTU signed an agreement which will boost rail reliability with a real-time monitor of conditions in order to detect defects without delays.

A big question: How will the behavior of the passengers be monitored?


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