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Singapore’s car sharing companies are looking to introduce electric cars but at a snail’s pace

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  • 2016

In many developed cities, the popularity of car sharing has risen dramatically and it is often seen as a cheaper alternative for people living in the city and public transport users who only need a car for a few hours here and there.

With car sharing, a user is able to pick a car up from specific parking stations in the local area and drop it back at another, costing $7USD for every hour and $230USD membership for the month.

Managing director from RentACar said the benefit of the car sharing initiative is that “you can access it 24-7 without having to own one,” you do not have to pay insurance, gas or parking.

Popularity has risen within Singapore and transport authorities are looking at the possibilities of implementing electric cars into the program, aiming to have 1,000 electric cars on the road within 10 years.

Smove, another popular car sharing company initially started as a company which only offered electric cars, they ran the program for a year and received a great response from the people of Singapore. Smove’s Chief operating officer said “The reason why we pivoted away from that to hybrid cars was that we needed to grow fast as a business.”

If the program wants to be successful, it will require help and support from a variety of institutions, the government, vehicle manufactures and charging stations.

Before any electric cars are introduced, the infrastructure needs to be available and awareness created, the process will be a slow one but a huge move in the future of car sharing in Singapore.

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