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Singapore’s Pokémon pop-up Café

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  • 2016

Cat cafés, hello kitty cafés and even hedgehog cafés. Asia has seen a growing trend of experiencing food in a more creative way, and we see no chance of it slowing down.

Introducing Singapore’s Pikachu themed café, its full name is: Pokemon Cafe Singapore.


It features a small food and drink menu with about 13 options, all involving images of the favorite Pokémon character, and is a must-do culinary experience for any Pokémon lovers out there. Options include the Pikachu Smiling Rice Omelette, Pokémon Truffle Fries, Pokeball Cream Puffs, and the Pikachu Latte.

The 60-seater Pokémon restaurant will be open until July 31, and can be found on the fourth floor of the Parco department store of Bugis Junction. For the 2 month opening, the café has taken over the “Everything With Fries” location.


As well as Pikachu-inspired food, customers can hope to share a moment with a Pikachu mascot when it makes an appearance. The café also has a 3D photo booth and a memorabilia store with clothing, plush toys, and the latest Pokémon XY comic, which is only available in the store.

On opening day last month, unlucky customers experienced a 5-hour waiting time to be seated, with more than 200 Pikachu fans waiting for the experience. Candied apples were given out as a token of appreciation.


While the store at Bugis is only temporary, the general manager of the Parco department stores, Sau Kuen, said it was working as a trial for more themed cafés in the future. They hope to use the Pikachu café as a learning experience and in the future open a café similar to “The Guest Café and Diner” in Japan, which introduces a new theme every couple of months.


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