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South Korea Will Construct Giant Biodome to Protect Endangered Species

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  • 2016

Wildlife sanctuaries are being created all over the world, and rightly so. But South Korea is taking it a step further with its current plans to build giant futuristic domes in order to protect endangered species.

The National Research Center design, proposed by the Korea-based firm Samoo and inspired by the flight patterns of the endangered Korean Black faced Spoonbill, is meant to blend-in perfectly with the surrounding forest trees in the valley of Yeongyang-gun.


Construction is set to start in December of this year. The location plays an elemental part in the success of the research center. Yeongyang-gun is the most environmentally clean space in Korea. The hillside was chosen because it gives enough height for birds to fly away once they have adapted to the environment.

Obviously, the construction process will disrupt nature at first, but the long term benefits surpass the negatives.

The project will offer opportunities for the public to visit and educational programs to bring awareness.  It will also be as self-sustaining as possible, thanks to solar panels and geothermal heating and cooling.


Three main parts are what make up this design. A Core Zone will host visitors, offices, and a quarantine zone.  The Refresh zone will have guest houses and housing for the researchers. And, lastly, the main Research Zone will be made up of breeding farms and research facilities.

While the design seems ambitious enough, the structure will be constructed in a way it will facilitate and adapt to an even wider extension as research grows.


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