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South Korean Baseball Team Employs Metal Fans

  • 27
  • 04
  • 2016

No, by metal fans I don’t mean large devices created for the purpose of pushing air around, nor does this reference any type of employment of heavy metal devotees, for whatever reason. What this team has done is arguably stranger than either of these ideas.

The Hanwha Eagles are a struggling team in South Korean Major League Baseball with an impressive amount of losses in their recent history. Many of us don’t even know how many games baseball players participate in, but to give you an indication, the Hanwha Eagles have lost over 100 games in the last five years.

Naturally, after such performances, some of their fans have lost faith and no longer have interest in showing up to watch the team play. In order to combat this loss of turnout, in addition to its effect on morale, the team decided to create replacements that will always show up, regardless of performance, rain, or snow.

These robot replacements are rather polite, at least, and are capable of such feats as Mexican waves and other simple arm-based movements. Let’s hope these replacements don’t get sick of the team. The last thing we need is an angry and disillusioned group of robotic baseball hooligans, though that might at least increase audience turnout.

eagles-robot-fansPhoto Credits: Agif

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