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Taiwan creates musical solution for garbage problem

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  • 04
  • 2016

Dealing with garbage is part of modern human life. Even those with the best intentions can be hampered by the refuse created through their consumerism of various goods. This effect is compounded in areas with high population densities and not a lot of free space. Taiwan is one such area.

Getting sick of the problems of rats, smells, and insects that result from overflowing garbage dumps and gathered trash piles, the Taiwanese government has settled on a unique solution that aims to avoid the threat of standing garbage all together.

Rather than allowing garbage to sit in piles and, shall we say, marinate, the new system employs trucks that travel around their routes picking up garbage before it is allowed to sit on the sidewalk.

So how do people know when it is time to walk their trash to the curb? Well, in case you didn’t read the title of this article, the answer is music. By playing classical music on approach, these trucks allow the residents a touch of class while they throw away their old packages of rotten food and discarded underwear.

The only problem is the children who may mistake the musical trucks for their ice-cream bearing cousins, leading to one heck of a disappointment for anyone looking for a delicious treat. Or maybe not, I guess it depends on your palate.

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