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Taiwan creates popular new tourist house

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  • 2016

What can you do to make a house interesting and rewarding as a tourist destination? There are a few easy answers to this question. Of course, you could claim it’s haunted and turn it into an official ‘haunted house experience.’ You could claim there was a great historical act that took place within or perhaps an act that was historical but a little bit more gruesome than it was great.

Upside down houe

Foregoing these most obvious and simple possibilities, three architects in Taipei have designed a house that looks straight out of a dream. Constructed over a period of two months and costing up to $600,000, this house seems perfectly normal except for one key difference. This house is upside down.

Upside down house

Entering through the attic, visitors to the house get to see what life would be like if gravity suddenly got tired of its predictable nature. Included are a garage with a car attached from the ceiling and a horizontally based children’s room with odd proportions that apparently make some visitors dizzy.

Thankfully for the tourists that visit this site, the upside down toilet is not operational.

Upside down house

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