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Taiwan Opens its First Animal Blood Bank

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  • 2016

Yes, we all know of the existence of blood banks, but did we all know about blood banks for animals?

When you have a furry creature under your care, it becomes one with whoever is living in the same house. And as they are considered equals, they need the same amount of quality care and medical attention as others in the house.

Dog in hospital

With the demand of health services for our beloved pets, the National Pingtung University of Science and Technology has launched Taiwan’s first veterinary blood transfusion center.

It was just launched on June 13 and already has 15 dogs registered as routine donors.

The blood transfusion center plans to maintain its quality as Tsai Yi-lun, head of the health center, plans to create complete donor profiles that meet the high standards of human blood banks.

Each dog has to meet certain requirements to be considered a potential donor, such as an age no more than eight years who weighs no more than 20 kg and of course, a health check by a vet.

Dog gets blood


The NPUST center has been following the steps of the University of California, Davis, and Karsetsart University of Thailand which operate their own animal blood banks in order to preserve blood bags in a high quality state for about 35 days.

Although the center is currently focused on dogs, there are plans to expand to other animals such as cats and other animals.

“We plan to cooperate with similar institutions around the world in holding international conferences once the center is firmly established,” Tsai said.

Dogs donate blood

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