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Taiwanese Ice Cream Shop Offers Flavors You’ll (thankfully) Never See Locally

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  • 2016

Maybe that title is a little bit unfair. Many of us like to be adventurous with our food, and some of these flavors might even be worth a look or a taste. Among the odd but less off-putting examples are Taiwan Beer, Green Tea, and Bitter Melon flavors.

This business, called Snow King, is located in the Taiwanese capital city of Taipei and offers more than 70 flavors of ice cream, all fresh and all homemade.

Since 1947, this shop has prided itself not only on its quality, but also on its creativity. The business has been in the same family for three generations, with the current owner, Kao Ching-Feng, having given up his job in insurance in order to inherit the family business.

Among the most popular locally are the Red Bean and Watermelon flavors, while the more exotic are usually tried by tourists or Taipei’s local foodie scene.

Keen to expand his offerings, Kao even offers savory ice cream for diabetic customers. After all, everyone deserves a treat.

So next time you’re in Taipei and get a craving for some wasabi, or perhaps pig feet flavored ice cream, you know where to look.


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